Friday, 2 May 2014

What's in My cup??

RIGHT now actually!! I do love a good cup of coffee!! I love the taste but more importantly I love to drink a coffee with friends and family.. the comfort and companionship of having a cup of tea or coffee together. I drank more tea earlier in life but I guess it was at Uni/ college that I was really converted to coffee. We used to sit in the common room and drink coffee, we used to go to the coffee cart and get Caramel Latte's, I used to got to another coffee cart at COFA and get Caramel Latte's .. they knew my order :0  Then, years later I realised I could not have dairy anymore... it makes me sick.. so sad! So, I tried Soy Latte's - the yummiest ones I can remember were from the Coffee place next to my old work.. had some great chats with the coffee guys there...and they knew my order too :) but truthfully sometimes Soy coffees are too gross to drink, I've tried rice milk and almond milk, none of them cut it really! So I learnt to drink my Coffee BLACK!!

I've actually been thinking I should cut back on the number of Coffee's I drink a day.. so I need some substitutes .. It's easier at work as I just have tea .. but at home I am more tempted to pop a coffee pod in the machine. Also, Black tea is not quite as good without milk as Coffee is... I don't mind the Lipton's Chai black tea and I also quite like a cup of ginger tea.

What about you? What is your favourite thing to have in your cup??

Yay - a little self pat on the back... I made it through Day 2 of Sunday's blog every day in May ;)
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  1. Love the look of your blog.

  2. Stopping by from the blog challenge....I am a coffee girl as well...

  3. Mmm, do coffee and tea, have a great instant cappachino, great first thing in the morning and usually a large one before bed, my preferred tea has to be Yorkshire tea. Can't get to grips with herbal tea just don't seem to hit the mark gorgeous me! Great to have you back blogging, hope you and Guy are well xx

  4. Thanks Simone!
    Thanks Paula for stopping by :)
    Jac - it's good to be back .. One day we'll sit and have a Yorkshire tea together!!!

  5. I like coffee but tea is my fave! Have you tried green tea? That's nice but I do prefer normal breakfast tea!x


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