Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Day Twenty :: Who Inspires You?

Mmm... let me think about that....  It's another hard prompt from Sunday today!
OK, well I actually think that there are lots of people who inspire me ... but firstly let's look at what "inspire" means? I've gone to dictionary.com to help me out ...

... in thinking about this topic and in looking at the different meanings of inspire I guess there are a few different levels to this question. Who inspires me??

Firstly I am inspired by God. 
His love inspires me.

I am inspired by people who trust in God and share their struggles and how they overcome their struggles. 
I am inspired when I hear people sharing their joys.

I am inspired by friends and family.

I am inspired by many people who blog, when I read their posts and hear about their lives.

I am inspired by a people who create artworks/ craft/ take great photos. 

There is a great big long list of individuals who inspire me and I am thankful for them all!


  1. It is tough to name all inspiration. You've got a lovely list.

  2. It really is a tuff one this topic for the challenge, but I loved reading your answers Sammi.

  3. You know who inspires me, Sammi!!


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