Thursday, 30 May 2013

Distressed Pirates

Just popping on to share another PIRATE card... yup been on a Pirate Theme lol!! Yeah.. There's still about a day left to enter the current Desert Island Crafters challenge for a chance to win these my hearties :)

I've tried to do them in a Distressy coloured look.... these ones look a bit better in real life though.. shows me I need to get that light tent set up again properly!! :D 

Have a great night! tomorrow I plan to share some of my Origrami prints (Love them!!)


Monday, 27 May 2013

Monday mumblings Arrr Matey

Morning! It's MONDAY!! Arrr a new week with new possibilities! So far today I have woken late.. worried that meant it was going to be a bad day as MIL gets worried if no one is up when she wakes... BUT Thanks be to God - SHE slept LONGER :)
2 coffees, breakfast, a nice walk, a completed card later we are sitting here listening to Andre Rieu
(a current favourite - seems music is good therapy for dementia patients :) ... MIL is snoozing and
I am finally blogging... 
It's been a while again... life seems to take over and seems that sickness sis becoming a theme too... I'm on the hunt for some good multivitamins this week as I think Winter is looking :P if the last few week's immunity (or lack of) is anything to go by! I'm also trying to decide what to do with what remains of Mad for Markers  ... should I keep up the resources, should I keep up the Digis ... so many questions ... and also where to take this blog ... How to make the most of my current life situation and use my time best! BIG THINGS ... What I struggle with most I think is comparing myself to others - so I am challenged to be ME and no one else! the question is Who am I really? (Me, no one else) Because I know God's love and Jesus' sacrifice for Me then I know that first and foremost I am a Child of God - living for HIM! After that ?!?!?!? That's the bit I'm still working out.... aside from the obvious bits of being a wife, carer, daughter, sister, grandaughter, aunt etc ... Anyway enough of my mumblings...

Now what's Arrr Matey about???
Here's the card I finished using my Pirate Jacky Hook that I  drew for Mad for Markers' sponsorship of Desert Island Crafters :) I'm having fun colouring up the Pirates in different ways... tomorrow I might share them coloured in a distressy style :)

Oh... The good news is that my MASSIVE clean up of my craft area is almost done... and there is SPARE desk space .... and I have found many coloured images READY to go on cards... so I should have lots of creations coming soon! :)

Thanks for stopping by!


Friday, 17 May 2013

Frenchie Leon Friday

Good morning,
Just popping on to share a creation I made yesterday ... this is cute little French boy is Frenchie Leon from Make it Crafty ... I  printed him out at fainter so that the black lines wouldn't be showing... almost the "no lines" technique but not quite.

It is FRIDAY now yay!! looking forward to the weekend! Hope you all have a super weekend!!


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

a card and a revelation ...

First up I want to share a card I  made... I was practising the clouds (like Kristy did them) again on this image the other week and I wanted to pop her on a card!! It's a pretty simple one as I thought the image was the major focus... the image is from Saturated Canary.

Here's the card....


Now my revelation....

Although I can have the best intentions... I am most terrible at sending cards .... giving them to people I will be seeing a bit better .... I can "mostly"make them no problem... but then they sit around the place and pile up... when I need a card for someone's  birthday etc I have to make them a NEW one I just don't seem to be able to send them ones from the piles... as I feel like they deserve a NEW one made especially for them ... I feel like a bit of a cop out when I don't have the time or energy to make a new card and end up giving one from THE PILE (with that in mind I am way behind on making cards I really do want to send to people still - so tomorrow is CATCH up day) ... but back to THE PILE ... I am going to try and give them out from the pile... and I am working out how to try and sell them ... and I've just had a thought that I will write myself a list of DEFINITE people/ cards I need and then I can premake some .. My Nan used to have a Birthday book.. she would find cards for people throughout the year and then keep them in the book so when it came to the month of the birthday she would be PREPARED. My Nan was and still is THE BEST at sending cards for EVERYTHING ... and I would love to be like that! It shows people that you are thinking of them.. that you care! So I think I just found the PERFECT use for my Purple Pocket SMASH book!! I'm off to do some Birthday SMASH book planning! :D

And it will also mean that I can SCHEDULE cards for blogging too once they are made.. 'cos um there's no way I could show them on my blog before I gave them/ sent them is there!?! :)

Have a lovely Tuesday night!!


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mother's Day joys and sorrows


a.k.a ... Sammi's Mother's Day rant ...

Good morning everyone. I hope you are well and having a super Sunday! Here in Australia it's Mother's Day and I've just got off the phone from chatting to my lovely Mum :) I am thankful that my sister's and I have a Mum that loves us and has and does continue to care for all of us!!

HAPPY MOTHER's Day to all you Mum's out there... Thanking God for your selfless love and care for your children... I hope that you are having a lovely day! Thanking God for the blessing of children and the joy that comes from being a Mum. Children/ people out there with Mother's in your lives... don't wait for one day of the year to thank them... show them you appreciate them today and everyday!!

For many people Mother's Day is a very painful Day!!

For those who have lost their mothers it's often a painful reminder of grief and loss ... for those whose mothers have not been loving and cared for them as they should it could bring out anger and renew hurt ... for those who have known and lost their children somewhere along the way it's a terribly sad and painful reminder ... for those who have been through infant loss or miscarriage it's heartbreaking ... for those who have suffered infertility and want nothing more than to hold their children in their arms and see them grow up it's so incredibly raw and painful ... for those who are single it's often a reminder of what's so far from their grasp....

Please spare a thought and a prayer for those whom Mother's Day is a day of pain and sorrow... If that is you... I pray that the God of all comfort would surround you with his love and comfort today and fill your day with understanding friends and family!!!

For me Mother's Day is difficult as I wonder what would our little ones that never grew be like if they had of lived... what would we be doing with them today to celebrate the day... it's a stabbing reminder of what will never be! It's something that I live with everyday... I don't just have these thoughts today.. today they are just magnified by the focus on Mother's.

I thought I would give away some free images today ... one to honour Mothers out there and a Flower for all of you out there that will not be given any physical flowers today!


Friday, 10 May 2013

Congratulations card

Good morning! How are you all? I hope you are well! As for me... I've had a little bloggy break.. have been a bit out of sorts for a few different reasons... but the worst part is my THUMB which I thought was just infected from when the rose thorn went through my nail back in about February... although I was a little concerned there was something in there... so Dr put me on antibiotics... which turned out to be based on Lactose.. which I can't tolerate... and so I was a bit sick from that... went back.. new tablets ... still soaking thumb in hot water as suggested cutting the long gory story short turns out there was still part of the rose thorn in my thumb ... and now it's out but my thumb is still recovering.... which makes it HARD to do MUCH at all.. and very painful to colour :P

So I have an old creation to share.... and not a brilliant pic ... as it was taken on my phone before sending off ...  but you get the idea right :)  I made it for my beautiful friend Em who is going to be having a baby! Very excited for her little (or big;) family :)

So .... I drew the image and turned her into a digi.. now available here -  although I added the glasses and earrings in with a multiliner as I was colouring.... the "Love this Moment" sentiment is from Give a Girl a..... IN THIS April set Loving these sentiment sets!! Can't wait to use the latest one!!!

Friday, 3 May 2013

Sweet Blossom

Hello all!! I fell in Love with Sylvia's drawings when she was designing for my beautiful friend Tracey at Spesch Stamps!! And the other day I thought it would be fun to colour up one of her images Sweet Blossom... Available at Wee Stamps

I've tried the clouds (as The Odd Girl Kristy does them) and has a tutorial on again ... but in different colours this time.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Friday

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Koala Hugs for Copic Australia's Koala Kids challenge

Good morning!! How are you going? Hope your week is going well! Just popping on to share a card I made as well as a FREEBIE Digi that I drew :D 

There is a card challenge being run right now by Copic Australia - HERE. The great news is that for every entry Copic Australia will donate $5 to Koala Kids :) Pretty cool huh! 

I thought that it would be fun to draw an image especially for the challenge and so that's what I've done... Here's a card I made (this one's not for the actual challenge... this is just for fun and to tell you about the challenge... my real entry will not be shown here tee hee!)

Now for something I  have not done for quite a while... I'm going to enter a few challenges (yay)! So they are:

Critter Challenge - to use flowers :)
The Cutie Pie Challenge - lots of layers :)
Artistic Inspirations - also lots of layers :)
Digital Tuesday Challenge - Distressing :)

Would you like to colour up this image?? I would love to know if you download it - so please do let me know :D And yup would love to see what you do with it too!! Oh ...And if you want to use it to enter the challenge then Go for it!! :D  

Just click on the image to make it bigger and then save to your computer. 

Thanks for stopping by! Have a lovely Wednesday!!!