Sunday, 25 May 2014

Day 25 :: A list for the week ahead.

          1. mail someone a handwritten letter. 
          2. get cracking at achieving my unfinished May goals
          3. do a new M4M order
          4. draw some images
          5. work out what to cook for Growth group and do so
          6. go see the new x-men movie with Guy
          7. do some more work in the garden
          8. move cupboards around
          9. Clean the bathroom
          10. Vacuum
          11. clean UP / reorganise? that craft area
          12. make some MORE new dolls to send to Nic's shop
          13. refill and clean markers
          14. set up heart journal course
          15. Be joyful
That's  just a start... I thought 15 was a good number :) the First thing I really should have on the list is to get up and go to work tomorrow. tee hee. What's on your to-do list this week??


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