Sunday, 11 May 2014

a weekend in Orange ...

with a photo walk drive 

Good evening!! Yay . we are home again... finally - it was a long trip home, but we had a great weekend .. we went to see my parents in Orange, and check out my sister's bookshop/ cafe - The Dragonfly lounge ... that is opening TOMORROW!!! It looks pretty good. She's been spending the day cooking up yummy smelling things.. so I'm sure it will be a great opening day! Here's some sneaky pics...

We stayed at a lovely Motel just outside Orange... This was the view outside our window...

green grass, lovely rolling hills and grape vines!! 

I finished off three little Sockyrag dollies whilst in Orange to sell in Nic's shop ... Matilda, Jessie and Lola (I almost kept one for me ;) Might have to make one to keep!!

I had planned to do the photo walk today... which is Sunday's blog prompt/ challenge today ... but it was cold and we were running a little later than originally planned (slept in) and I have a cold/ feel a bit rotton... so I  took photos as we DROVE down the road... Guy drove slowly and stopped a few times so that I could take the pics out the window ;) Here's a couple of those pictures... 

I do love the countryside around Orange :)

Oh and .... a pumpkin plant has taken over my parent's backyard.....


  1. Sounds like a fab weekend. Your sister's shop looks fab!x

  2. Sammi I did a photo drive too as I didn't have time for a walk. Even though it was perfect walking weather here today.

  3. I love the autumnal colours and wow so green....:-) miss you


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