Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A favourite photo of me

I've just spent quite a while going through my photos to work out what photo to post up as one of my favourite photos ... I've discovered a few things:
1. I don't really like photos of myself.
2. You might be surprised at that as I sure seem to take a lot... is it the selfie phenomenon? the iphone/smartphone sure makes it easy.
3. Photos really do bring back memories of times and events.
4. I prefer photos of me when I'm sharing the frame with a loved one.

Shortlisted photos included:
1. a photo of Guy and I on our wedding day.
2. a photo of me holding our godson (just before his sister was born).
3. a photo of me making funny faces with a goddaughter.
4. a photo of me and three best friends.

The winning photo as shown above is a photo taken out of our wedding album... one of the professional shots. This was taken before the wedding.

This girl is me and yet not me... a younger, more innocent version... less wrinkles and grey hairs. This girl was about to embark on a wonderful adventure with the love of her life ... to be continued

(This is day 6 of Blogging every day in May with Sunday)


  1. Gorgeous photo, gorgeous words, gorgeous person. :)

  2. Sammi this is such a beautiful photo. It's so interesting that many people do not really like how they look in photos - yet I'm sure we will all look back in 50 years and think 'WOW'.

  3. Gorgeous photo Sammi, xx

  4. Thanks Bec, Simone and Jac.

    Oh yes Simone - Its funny. I'm sure you are right hehe


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