Monday, 12 May 2014

Day 12 :: How my blog got it's name

Good evening everyone, Today in Blogging every day in May with Sunday the topic is to talk about how your blog got it's name (and tagline).

I started this blog back in 2008... at that time I wanted to share my cardmaking creations... and so I thought that "Stuff by Sammi"  would make a good name... "stuff" being all the "cards" I made. It has evolved a little and now "Stuff" includes other creations I make, things I do and write" It's actually quite appropriate for my latest hobby of making socky rag dolls... which I fill with "stuffing" tee hee, they are "stuffed by Sammi" Oh... In case you were unsure... my name is "Sammi" ;)

As for a tagline ... It's changed a little from time to time.. at the moment I have
 Sammi's little Bit of blogland  and I have added my description... in which I share my creations, thoughts and life!!  which I guess is pretty self explanatory :)

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  1. I love that you have 'stuff' because it doesn't restrict what that stuff could be, and as a person that used to be all about cards and not so much now, I can completely see where your coming from!

  2. "Stuff" covers so much of life...I think it is so appropriate.

  3. I love coming to check out your 'stuff' :) Always been a fab name that also uses alliteration! Great thing to use to make it catchy!x


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