Friday, 16 May 2014

Some favourite blogs

Today is about sharing the blog love... to tell about 5 blogs I love reading regularly...

Well... I've not been GREAT at regular blog reading lately... just like I hadn't been blogging much I also hadn't been reading much.. except for when I pop over from Facebook... I miss Google reader and  I wish I had more time to sit and read blogs :) Having said that I do spend time reading facebook posts and Instagram too... so I guess it's more about about making the time??

I've really been enjoying participating in Sunday's blogeveryday in May challenge and have loved finding new blogs through this. A reminder that one of my "goals" was to update my blog sidebar with a reading list... I will DO THAT THIS WEEKEND... but for now here's some of my old favourites....

I always love checking out what creations Jac has been making... she always has fun cards!

I love Amy's style of cardmaking!!

Alyce makes the most amazing cards.. 
Her colouring is so lovely and every card is an exceptional work of art.

Bec writes great stories & shares her life honestly, I love seeing her amazing bags, 
lately I've been loving reading her Gratitude posts!!

Yum! This blog/ website shows that Gluten free is not necessarily taste free :D

Leave me a comment and let me know what your blog address is??
 I'd love to come read your blog!! 


  1. Very crafty blogs--thanks for turning me onto them. ;-)

  2. No worries Kwizgiver. I Love a crafty blog :D

  3. Ah! I thought I had posted a comment here but I was on my phone so it mustn't have worked. I wanted to say I'm touched and thank you for including me and I read your blog whenever you post too - I like how your gentle and positive nature shines through. So I love your blogging every day in May challenge cos I get to read you more! :)

  4. Crafty blogs, love crafty blogs! I had not been to see Amy's in a while and I see she is still AMAZING! Thanks for sharing Sammi x


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