Wednesday, 7 May 2014

This is where I blog....

Today Sunday's blog every day in May prompt is "Where are you writing from today?"

Today it's COLD here... I'm snuggled up on the couch with my beautiful patchwork rug that was made for me by an old work friend. I love it still just as much as when she first gave it to me - about 8 years ago I think :o It's nice to use the Macbook when it's cold as it's a bit like a hot water bottle (it gets so warm)! I thought I'd also show you where I normally blog from... my Desktop, Imac...

Um, yes my computer desk is rather messy... It needs a good clean up!! 
I think that will have to be on the task list for tomorrow!

What does your desk look like right now??


  1. That is usually what my desk at work looks like lol! I haven't got one anymore as it had to be put up in the loft before a certain little one arrived! Gorgeous patchwork!xx

  2. I do have a desk - which looks like a dumping ground. And it's in the coldest place in my house! No wonder I don't use it much! You look very cosy.

  3. My computer desk is a nightmare. It's my happy place, but it looks like a garage for tinier things.


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