Friday, 23 May 2014

comments, comments, comments

Hello!!! I'm getting earlier with these posts... I'm hoping to schedule my posts to appear a bit more regularly.. and just trying to work out the best time for that.... Still got to organise myself a bit more though hehe!! anyway....

Today's BlogeverydayinMay prompt is to Write a post about a particularly good or controversial comment someone left you. I don't have a particular comment in mind either way but I wanted to write about how leaving one comment on one blog post can lead on to some great chats back and forward and some great friendships built online. I have a number of wonderful friendships that have started off that way :)

I don't think recently my comments settings have been set up particularly well... I just worked out that I had to change some settings to allow reply comments... so I "should" be able to do this now... I am not great at replying to comments left... I've never really worked out the best way to do this...
1. Go visit the commenters blog and leave a reply there...
2. Send off an email reply... although sometimes thats not possible as you don't have an address.
3. reply in your own blog comments - I can try this now :)

So my question is ... what do you think the best way to reply to blog comments is????

Before I go I thought I'd share my latest Instagram pic.... pics taken of the "sockyragdoll" I made last night for our Friends' new baby girl!! I'm quite liking the sewn eyes as opposed to buttons and bought eyes at the moment! 


  1. I always wonder if I'm supposed to respond to comments on my blog, but I usually don't.

    1. I often don't respond too.. but it is nice to have a response, but I rarely go back to see if someone has responded to me... so some way to notify others of a response would be good! :D

  2. I think the reply function you have set up is the way to go, although the other two options are also really thoughtful, I know I would love to receive follow-ups like that!

    Also your little rag doll is very cute!

    1. thank Corinne :D follow ups are great!! :) well I think I'll combine all three then :D

  3. Sometimes you can tick a box for it to notify you but not sure how to set that up....blogging can be very complicated at times! I often don't reply to comments but will try to do so from now on...I often don't go back to where I've left a comment though....must do that too!x


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