Saturday, 24 May 2014

If I could have 3 people to dinner tonight, I would invite...

My three sisters!!! We are so spread out these days and have been for years... it's rare that we are all in the one place at the one time... I  do miss them so I would definitely love for them to come to dinner tonight... PLEASE girls - Hurry up! Girls night :) lol! 
- I might get in trouble for sharing this photo here - hopefully it's old enough to be ok to post hehe! 


  1. Aww such a lovely photo! Such a shame that you're far apart now...I have the same problem and it really sucks sometimes! Wonder when they'll invent virtual dinner parties ;) Hope your sisters bookshop and cafe is going well-sounded fab!xx

  2. So adorable! I hope you are all able to get together soon.

  3. Well if you pay for my return flight then I will come for dinner :-)

  4. I thought of my three sisters, too, and should have said them.


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