Wednesday, 14 May 2014

So funny you snort

Today is Day 14 and Sunday says Make us laugh.  Share a funny story or picture.

Don't you just love Photobooth - so many funny pictures can be taken with your face gets warped into alien shapes.... I've had many fun times with adults & kids alike, sitting & laughing at the results... 

This photo is of me and 3 great friends for life... kinda "thescream"ed* into one!
We don't see each other often.. but when we do.. we are able to have fun together... we can be serious too.. but we always laugh together ... and someone usually ends up laughing so much they "accidentally" snort. I do recall that was the case in this picture.. way back in about 2008!

*this photobooth effect really reminds me of that famous artwork "The Scream"

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