Thursday, 1 May 2014

Blogging every day in May :0

Hello world, 
I was checking my facebook feed this afternoon to relax... (after I got home from my new job ... yup - I started a new part time job today :) Pretty exciting - I'm actually looking forward to working again - not till Monday now for me) and saw Kellie's blog post about her goals for May .. which then took me to Sunday's blog and I think this is just what I need to get back into blogging regularly... so I am going to take up Sunday's challenge to blog every day in May :0 it's a little daunting but I'll see what I can do.. and any posts are better than my current record right!!! :D


Sunday has very helpfully created a list of blog prompts... so I am using that for today...
Day 1, Thursday: Goal setting.  What are your plans for today?  (And/or this week?  This month?  This year?)

So here goes -  My plans for the upcoming days and weeks are:
  • to blog more regularly again....
    • to catalog my blog, make sure the labels match the posts etc.
    • maybe do a redesign???
    • add Blog links.
    • make and send more cards.
    • finish three dolls.
  • to learn my new job well and work at it for the Lord.
  • to clean and tidy our house making every room a pleasant place to be.
  • get my store Mad for Markers going strong again.
  • Be generous with my time and $$.
  • Be productive with my days not at work... make lists!!!
  • Bring glory to God in all I say and plan and do!

Ok... I think that will give me plenty to do don't you think. It is a little daunting claiming that I will post daily (especially after my last post - form Feb) which is why I chose the image of the Tiger which I took at Taronga zoo the other day, this Tiger was staring STRAIGHT at me!! 

Thanks for stopping by! What are your plans for the coming month? Post a comment below as I'd love to hear them :D


  1. That's a fantastic photo!

    I support your blogging challenge - and all the other goals on your list. I'm hoping to post more too, and I think writing lists of things I'm grateful for is already proving to be a good prompt. So if you're ever stuck for material, that's a good one to do!

  2. Welcome back to blogging.
    What a list, good luck with it xxx

  3. Welcome back stranger!! That's some ambitious goal setting there but I have faith you will do well .... I've just missed my first ever 'whole month' of no blog posts. No posts on April at all. Do I feel bad? A little but I also feel balanced. And feeling balance means I've pleased many around me and pleased myself with what I have achieved. Looking forward to more posts Sammi, xx M

  4. Woohoo! Good luck with this challenge! I think we are both going to need it ;) Sunday

  5. Brill set of goals hun! Love the tiger shot...he should keep u on track ;)xx

  6. Love the blog banner and the goals Sammi. All power to you!!!


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