Monday, 5 May 2014

Teaching Something???

Good evening, today's blog prompt from Sunday is to write a how to post, teaching people
"How to do something". I thought I would give you a quick description on how to colour with Copic markers followed by a video I made a couple of years ago which my nephew edited and did the voice over for me... I Love listening to it!

Sammi's basic Copics 101
Copics are alcohol markers which means that you can colour over what you've already coloured and build layers of colour, blending and creating shadows which gives the image dimension and brings it to life!

I always start with my lightest colour and build the base, I then gradually add the shadows with darker colours and then blend back out again. It's like a I walk up a ladder and then back down again. But I don't jump between steps or I might fall off the ladder.

So in the case of the darker skin in the video before I have used E01 as my lightest colour,
I then add E11 and E13, blending the E13 back down with the E11 and then the E01. I then add the E15 and blend back with E13, then E11 then E01. I hope this makes sense.

and now for the VIDEO


I'm hoping to start posting some more videos in my youtube channel SOON. I also think it's time to update the older ones and make them better!!! ANOTHER goal perhaps.


  1. Hi Sammi,
    Great to read your blog and Awesome video ..!

  2. Fab post hun and great video-I can never blend very well and often give up when using my markers...might have to borrow my Mum's copics and have a go!x

  3. Wow this is so cool! I've never even heard of these markers-definitely want to get some! Lulu

  4. Thanks Rose :D
    Thanks Arline.. you should totally borrow them for a play.. unless you want to jump on a plane and bring your bubba here for a visit and I'll teach you! hehe
    Lulu - they are AWESOME!!


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