Thursday, 28 June 2012

Aussie Girls SMASH* Blog Hop

Good afternoon!! I'm excited today.. not just to be blogging FINALLY but that I am joining in an Aussie Girls SMASH* blog hop! Huge thanks to Kellie (from Freckles and Pigtails - seriously what a cute name - and shop!) for organising the hop and for Emma who "MADE me" start SMASH*ing lol! No seriously the beautiful girl gave me a smash book to use - which is why I can join in today lol!! THANKS hun xxx

If you are hopping along the Aussie Girls SMASH* Hop today you should have come from Kellie's blog... if not Hop on back to Emma's blog to start at the beginning!!!! :)

Ok.. NOW to share my pages... Here is my first SMASH* page.... I was saving these mini instax shots for something special.. they were taken on Christmas day when I got the mini instax from my in-laws.. so I thought it would be fun to smash those for my first pages..
a close up of Photo Kaylee (from Some Odd Girl) the perfect accompaniment to these pages lol!!

and then another page I created for the hop... I've been saving that tag with King on it for a while as I wanted to make an art journal page about God being my King.. however SMASH*ing is the new art journaling right?? well for this week it is hehe!!! :) Who knows what next week will bring!!

I used the beautiful SOG stamp Nouveau Girl :: Renew for my main image.. I think you'll find that my Smash pages will always have a character/ image coloured in .. as well that's kinda my thing bahaha!!

There will be a couple of prizes scattered along the hop so make sure you hop all the way through and leave lots of lovin'! As for me - I thought I'd offer up a SMALL prize.. it's a little packet of papers/ card offcuts which are the PERFECT size for creating tags and mats for your SMASH* pages OR cards, journals etc etc!!!

NOW you want to know where to go next?? Here is the list of Aussie girls in this SMASH* hop... so as you can see next on the list is ANGIE :)

Happy Hopping!!!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

It's true.. I'm blogging... FINALLY!!

Well it has been WAY too long since I last blogged... so much has been going on.. I will try and do a catch up post SOON! I don't have time now to write much.. but just thought I'd share a little sketch I  did last week... I was inspired to draw some wintery images... and I coloured her on the weekend and my lovely friend Gina made her into a card for me at our friends weekend away!! :)

What do you think??

I think her and her "friends" will be digis in the M4M store next week... but she needs a name... Name her and I will send you her digi file for you to use!! :D

HOUSE update:
YESTERDAY we spent the day painting cupboards.. they sadly needed lots of paint!! Looking much better now!
I'm a little sad that M4M is not going to have it's own room after all just yet as we need to sort out a certain flooding of said room before that happens! One day it will happen tho  hehe!!

I thought I'd stop and take a pic in the middle of painting yesterday.. her it is instagrammed.... as you can see Guy was still painting away ....