Friday, 11 July 2014

BIJWB :: In the last three hours I have....

Been rather productive... I have missed a few days of blogging in July with Bec - But I'm here and ready to to tell you what I have done in the last 3 hours today! I  have...

  • Done some tidying up in the study... long way to go... been alternating by putting things away and fixing up files on my computer...
  • done the washing up ... since our dishwasher broke some time ago the washing up seems to pile up quite a bit :0
  • visited Pam in the Nursing home ... had a laugh and a sing and watched Andre Rieu.
  • Finished a card off.... I coloured this image up some time ago... she is created from two different TGF stamps.. the head of Wild Sprout Ruby and the body of Anya Treats.
  • Finalised saving Poppy with her Snowman and printed her out to colour

This is the card I created...

This is Poppy ready to be coloured...

Friday, 4 July 2014

Three Life Tips

Bec's BLOGS in July topic today is three life tips... 
Mmm I'm not exceptionally qualified for this... but here's my

1. Work Hard - be it .. at a paid job or something like mowing the lawn, doing some exercise... sometimes we really don't feel like the case of exercise... this is usually when we need to do it the most :D

(today was a great day for mowing the lawns and doing some washing .. Izzi wanted to help... but somehow managed to get  pegged on the line herself)

2. Play Hard - Life can't all be about work... we all need a bit of time out. What do you find fun, enjoyable.. make sure you make time for these things :) For me... it's spending time with friends, playing games and also creating, colouring in. For Izzi it's things like sliding down the bannisters (tee hee).

3. Rest well - whilst rest could be linked to play.. it's a bit different in my opinion... we all need a certain amount of sleep each day... we can't just work and play.. we need to rest as well! :) Some of us need more than others! Get to know what your limits are and listen to your body! If like me you are someone who needs a bit more rest... Don't overdo things!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

BIJ2 : This month at a glance

Bec's BIJ prompt for today is "this month at a glance"

I'm trying to use the calendar on my phone more.. I am still a pen and paper diary kinda girl... but this month I'm trying to get it all in my "calendar" app and see how I go.

I will be.....
  • working!
  • celebrating my older younger sisters b'day .. (from a distance) :D
  • cleaning up my mess (Oh yeah, last weeks rush to get ready for the market means our place looks like it's been hit by a few bombs around the place.. study, kitchen, lounge).
  • sorting out my tax :o
  • having dinner with Mum and Dad in Sydney :)
  • helping friends!
  • getting ready for SMASH where I will be selling markers next month.
  • getting ready for Guy's 40th next month!

What does your month look like at a glance??

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Blogging in July with Bec

Good afternoon. Great news ... a new month brings a new list of blog prompts .... Bec has done up a great list for July... so am going to try blogging through them! I'm not making any promises that there will be a post EVERY day... but I will see how I go! :D 

BIJ#1 - The year is half over! What big things happened in the first half of this year for you?

Here's a bit of a list of some of what's happened so far this year for me ....

a casual job :)
Perfecting my doll pattern
BHB conference watching with Bec and Karen
Coffee shopping and furniture collecting with Nic

Glebe Market experiment/ fail.
T & SM's  Aussie reception :D

12 year anniversary!!
Lakehouse trip
Jury duty :P Thankful not to be impaneled!
The Spire Market 

Growth Group weekend/ day away
Hanging out with Adelaide friends... including going to Taronga zoo :)
working bee at the Lakehouse

Going "home" to Orange for the weekend.. for Mother's Day & to see Nic's cafe/ bookshop.
Starting a new job at AFES.
Blogging every day in May - I did it!!
Gospel in Everyday life course at church :D

CTMH Workshop with Chris.
Senior Staff Conference.
catching up with a dear old friend.
The  Winter Spire Market.

It's been a busy start to the year... the biggest change for me has been working in an office again.. although only 3 days a week it's different to both caring for MIL and running my own business.. It's tiring driving to and fro and being in an office environment ... but it's a great opportunity/ privilege to be in the job I am in :) I get a nice long weekend too.. although I manage to fill up those extra days quite EASILY!!!