Saturday, 24 July 2010

busy little bee.. 6 cards in an hour

Right well I am on a roll.. so why stop right!! hehe
The lovely Alicia set herself a challenge the other day to make 6 cards in an hour and then she opened the challenge up to us... I saw Aussie Loz and Annette make their Christmas cards and so I thought I'd jump on in with my own Christmas cards... ta da!

well I like to have coloured images on my cards... but there was NO WAY I was going to get 6 images coloured in an hour + the cards made, so I used these beautiful Pixies from Charmed Cards and Crafts .. they are available in black and white and coloured images which is great for times like this. So At 11.25am I opened up my Pixies images folder on my computer and the clock started ticking... I printed 6 out on one sheet of glossy photo paper...then set to work making the card... as I was going I thought that I was making it a bit complicated and would never make it in an hour. BUT at 12.20 I had them all stuck down and the sentiment written - So I decided to "quickly" add my doodling/ stitching around the outsides. I finished this at 12.24 with only seconds to spare till the time changed till 12.25. so I was pretty amazed that I managed to do it!

Here is a closer look....

Thanks Alicia that was FUN! :D

OK.. there is one MORE post coming today... My Oh, Alice card is scheduled to pop up at 3pm :D


  1. Well done, they are gorgeous you have done an aweome job, they are cute as!
    Snuffley Sue x

  2. Hey!! Wow Sammi - well done. A great result and oh so quick!

  3. Sammi these are just delicious. I love what you have done with it. Great work. You are now well ahead in your xmas cards. Maybe I should do the same thing.

  4. OMGosh, well done!! Isn't it incredible what you can do in an hour!! These are great ♥

  5. Wow Sammi, 1hr... how cool is that! they are wonderful....

  6. These are stunning Sammi! I cant believe you made these beauties so quickly!!! What a great idea printing out the coloured image - a great time saver! Six cards for your Chrissie stash! Are you happy for me to post these on my blog?
    Alicia xx

  7. Absolutely beautiful Sammi....I just love that image!!!

  8. These are just FABULOUS!!!!!!! Great idea to use the pre-coloured images! But all that cutting - could you buy them pre-cut too - LOL

  9. What a fantastic effort Sammi! Love them, they look gorgeous! Might have to give this a go!


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