Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Miss Anya Lounge trials thick Neenah

I'm sharing a single layer card that I made with some Neenah cardstock I am trying out...
It does feather out a little more than my favourite paper (X Press blending card) so you need to have a much lighter hand and not work the colour too hard BUT what I love is that because it's thicker you can have a single layer card and the colour will not bleed through all the way to the back as it does on thinner card.

I used Miss Anya Lounge (The Greeting Farm) whom I bought through Marcia at The Stamp Spot :D

Wondering if any of my overseas friends have used the thicker Neenah card and what you think???


  1. I love the card...simple is great sometimes :)

    I've tried neither the xpress or the neenah...sorry :(

  2. Hi Sammi

    Wow, this looks amazing! Such a striking card. Your colouring just looks awesome. I love the idea that you can create the single layer card and not see the colours bleeding through the other side.

    Michelle :-)

  3. Hi Sammi,

    Thanks for your little test. It's always nice to know what has been tried and tested. The trouble I find with some white cardstock is that it is not pure white in colour (some has a grey tinge). I am really fussy with my 'white' cardstock as it has to be bright white for me to use it! Too fussy I think!

    Susan xxox

  4. A really gorgeous card Sammi! Looks wonderful!
    Hugs Kristel

  5. I love the simplicity of this card it really does show your perfect colouring off to a t. xx


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