Thursday, 11 November 2010

I've been doing some cleaning...

The last couple of days I have been full on cleaning this unit... mostly the bedrooms.. although the living area also got cleaned up too... Had to find the spare room for people to stay in! hehe!

Also I have been thinking for some time of how to contain my craft area better.. so moved some furniture around.. and this is what we are left with... I have one wall of our bedroom (although don't ask about the craft stuff that is still in the spare room)!

It's still a bit of a mess as I have to sort through the boxes and bags on the left.. but at least it's mostly all together now!

Here's a closer look at my desk... which of course will NEVER look that clean again (until another BIG Spring clean) hehe!


  1. This looks fabulous Sammi,wish my craft area was that clean!!! I need to spring clean,but the weather is already starting to get quite hot!!

  2. Ohh Love the clean desk Sammi. I have such a messy desk, I had to clear a space so that I could scrap a LO today and I can tell you that there was only just enough room to fit my 12x12 page...hehe!

    One day i might clean it...hehe!

  3. Aaaah - tidiness - I miss that!!!

  4. What a fabulous craft space Sammi!! looks ver bright and airy too. I'm just in the process of trying to sort out my craft space in our spare room.

    Michelle :-)

  5. Oooh so clean and tidy, if only I could get mine looking like that! lol Well done you. xx

  6. Can I come and play? Pretty please? I'll bring popcorn for us to eat while we watch Alice In Wonderland after we've made a crafty mess :) xoxo

  7. Hi Sammi, I think you've got a lovely light area to work at there. My house is no bigger than a two roomed unit so I'm limited too, but it's amazing what you can cram into small spaces. I think what you've done there looks fabulous!
    x x x

  8. so clean! but only for a minute! Oh, I would love to sit and have a play at your desk... mine's a chaotic mess! ♥

  9. I can't help but notice all those copics......

  10. Wow! Check out all those Copics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It all looks lovely and clean Sammi.
    Alicia xx

  11. You need to frame that clean desk .... if it's anything like mine, it will be another year before it looks that sensational again!


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