Friday, 16 October 2009

dolls for Del

I wanted to make a special present for a young friend, and decided to make some paper dolls...
I drew these 3 little girlies on the computer, I think they are pretty cute and might even use them again! lol....

I printed them and coloured them with my copics...laminated and then was having trouble with the clothing. Guy suggested they might be better as magnetic girls/ clothes....and he was right.
Here is the final product - printed on magnetic paper and coloured with Copics (it's hard to blend the copics as the surface is so shiny and the ink dries VERY quickly - but it worked ok)!


  1. These look cute Sammi. Magnetic was a good idea as well. I used to adore making these and playing with them as a kid.

  2. What a great idea! Well done Guy for thinking of the magnetic paper!

    They are FAB and I bet she loves them ... I used to play for hours with paper dolls!

    Hugs Ruth xxx

  3. What a great idea and your drawings are fabulous!!!

  4. Awesome work Sammi, brings back many a happy childhood memory (mine weren't magnetic though! - they had little paper tags on the edges that you had to fold over and they usually broke real quick! LOL) XX

  5. very creative!! such a fun idea!


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