Thursday, 7 January 2010

I've been organising and cleaning up

We found this great shelving trolley that looked perfect for craft stuff....
so that it can be taken from room to room.... and so I've spent a day and a bit
re-organising and cleaning up... I can't believe how many scraps of paper I have... will be doing something about that... anyway.. whilst it's clean and tidy here are some pics of my crafty area (I have taken over our spare room)!!


  1. OMGoodness Girl, you have a lot of stash! Nice doing a clean up hey! Enjoy. Looks like a lovely room for card-making. Hugs Sharon

  2. Great storage trolley. I have taken over our spare room too and this week I'm having a bit of a sort out too, moved some bits of furniture round and found stash I'd forgotten about. Mind you cant do much else as we have snow so cant go far - looks like I'm getting some enforced craft time! lol xx

  3. I'm seeing Ikea mini boxes in there, I lurve them.

    Gorgeous trolley Sammi, can think of plenty of stuff to hide in there.

    :) Marcia

  4. That trolley arrangement is excellent Sam!
    We're in the process of relocating our bedroom back downstairs and I'm moving my computer down there as well. That now frees up my teacher's study to become a craft work room.
    Pics sometime on my blog too :D


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