Thursday, 28 January 2010

a cupcake for Ms Bubblefish

Ms Bubblefish/ Ms Textual/ Steph is an ex-English teacher from my old school!! Unfortunately I never had her as a teacher but some good friends did and my sister did - and everyone loved her!! I have since become an avid reader of her blog where she writes the most interesting posts on life in retirement, writing, books, knitting, ceramics....and much much more! Her posts always have gorgeous pictures and wonderful textures to look at from alpaca wool to ceramic glazed fish. She knits the most amazing things, such as novelty teacosies and cupcakes and thus when I heard it was her birthday I had to make a special card for her... so I drew a cupcake and a teacup and made an easel card. Here is the card! Now that she has received the card I  can post it up here :D

wow .. I'm having a bit of a fight with images in this new editor for blogger.... do other ppl use it - what do you think?? HAVE DECIDED to leave my blog candy post until tomorrow... so if you want to pop back then and enter you can pick up your free cupcake image :D


  1. This is yummy, the colours are gorgeous an aren't these easels card lovely! Will you stop putting on stuff that makes me hungry!! lol Going to pst a pic of my birthday cake that will get you back lol.
    Sue x

  2. Love the cupcake, I can't believe you drew it! clever girl!! The frosting looks so relistic, yummy. I started making cup cakes this morning but realised the eggs I had were a bit old so not I have to wait for the man of the house to bring some home after work, bummer! Arrrgh, I want a cupcake now!!

  3. Love your cupcake drawing! Great card maker and a great drawer hey! You are one talented little chickie!

  4. Dear Samii,
    Thank you for these deliciously, scrumptious, kind thoughts! You really ARE a treasure.
    I loved my card when it arrived in the post yesterday and amidst the terrible sadness and ongoing pain of the deaths of two precious ex-students, Will and Eliza, your card and thoughts made the pain ease with thoughts of what loving each other and letting each other know, means.
    Thank you xxxx

  5. Gorgeous card Sammi, love your drawings andso nice to see what Ms Bubblefish thought of it too. Really must get round to trying an easel card.. xx

  6. wow sammi, this images look so yummy when all coloured in.. love it.. bec xx


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