Sunday, 29 June 2014

The week that was ...

Good evening... It's Sunday night and I am feeling a little weary ... We had a lovely night at church and a fairly quiet day... recovering from the BIG day yesterday,  it was our THIRD time running our little market -  the Spire Market ... and pretty much my last week was taken up with getting ready for that...well when I was not working or catching up with an old friend who lives about 1hr away.

I think overall the market was good.. we had wonderful stalls.. they all looked so good! We had some yummy tea, coffee and snacks... and some crafting workshops. It was a lot quieter than we would have hoped it to be.. and we have to work out how we can drum up some more interest/ shoppers for the next one!! :D

Here's a little look at my stall... with the sockyrag dolls in their finest outfits... I sold one... am keeping one and think that the rest will be shipped off to Orange to The Dragonfly Lounge.. Nic's bookshop/ cafe to adorn the bookshops and steal the hearts of some people there!! :

so last week I pretty much failed at my blog prompts ... good intentions but no time/ inclination I suppose to post... I was, "yes" sewing and colouring in all my spare time! I might go back and blog some of the topics next month instead... we'll see! 

Have a great week!!!

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  1. I've got a list of prompts for July if you're interested :D


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