Monday, 9 June 2014

a letter about my week

Dear Reader,

Today is the Queens Birthday public holiday and so a day off :) Happy unBirthday to her!!
Currently I am sitting here with Guy, drinking coffee and watching The West Wing... I think for the third time. CJ just did the Jackal :) too funny!
Anyway I thought I would use todays SBSGETBM prompt to write a letter here... although I do plan to do a handwritten letter this week - Need to do more of those. I didn't post yesterday as I was not feeling great and I was also disorganised and don't really have the pictures to share what a typical week entails, it usually look something like this...

Monday I go to work :)  We usually have dinner with Br-i-l, S-i-L and the nephews.
Tuesday I go to work  :) We have Growth Group at our place at night.
Wednesday I go to work :)
Thursday is my first day of the week off work.. I am still working out a routine for that day... and it usually involves household chores, catching up with people, sewing dolls and doing some M4M work.
Friday is my 2nd day off .. sort of the same as Thursday.
Saturday varies... depending on what events are on.
Sunday as per Saturday but we have church at 5pm every week.

This weekend I've been doing some drawing, I'm having a stall at a Manga show later this year and so I'm trying to get some Manga style images done to display there and demo Copics on, Here's an attempt at my Manga'ish Red Riding Hood ...

Thanks for taking time to read my letter. Hope you have a wonderful week!!

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