Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Blogging in July with Bec

Good afternoon. Great news ... a new month brings a new list of blog prompts .... Bec has done up a great list for July... so am going to try blogging through them! I'm not making any promises that there will be a post EVERY day... but I will see how I go! :D 

BIJ#1 - The year is half over! What big things happened in the first half of this year for you?

Here's a bit of a list of some of what's happened so far this year for me ....

a casual job :)
Perfecting my doll pattern
BHB conference watching with Bec and Karen
Coffee shopping and furniture collecting with Nic

Glebe Market experiment/ fail.
T & SM's  Aussie reception :D

12 year anniversary!!
Lakehouse trip
Jury duty :P Thankful not to be impaneled!
The Spire Market 

Growth Group weekend/ day away
Hanging out with Adelaide friends... including going to Taronga zoo :)
working bee at the Lakehouse

Going "home" to Orange for the weekend.. for Mother's Day & to see Nic's cafe/ bookshop.
Starting a new job at AFES.
Blogging every day in May - I did it!!
Gospel in Everyday life course at church :D

CTMH Workshop with Chris.
Senior Staff Conference.
catching up with a dear old friend.
The  Winter Spire Market.

It's been a busy start to the year... the biggest change for me has been working in an office again.. although only 3 days a week it's different to both caring for MIL and running my own business.. It's tiring driving to and fro and being in an office environment ... but it's a great opportunity/ privilege to be in the job I am in :) I get a nice long weekend too.. although I manage to fill up those extra days quite EASILY!!!

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