Sunday, 22 January 2012

TGF meets The Baby Sitters Club

Good morning! Yesterday was the customer chit chat at The Greeting Farm... well actually it was on Splitcoast Stampers.. but in the forum for TGF ;) It was fun to chatter with people, thou rather confusing at times! LOL!

So there were also some challenges - creating cards based on your favourite book, favourtie book turned movie and favourite children's book. After discussions in the "chat" on The Babysitters Club... which I admit was a favourite series of mine and I thought I had them all until I checked on wiki and realised that they kept going way after my reading time.. I must have only had about 40 or so?!?! will have to see if they are still at Mum and Dad's lol!

So I had a lot of fun finding all my Miss Anyas and mixing and matching them until I created the 5 position holders main girls in the club (don't worry there is a My Guy Ian reserved for Logan hehe)

So... Do you remember the books? Do you remember the girls?? My favourite was Mary Anne (but Claudia was a very close second) hahahah! Well if you remember and can name my Miss Anya lookalikes correctly I might just have to find you a little prize! :D

more of an aerial view to show the full figures and the sentiments from the Onesies sets :D

Took me a long time to decide on which bodies, heads to use and then a little extra alterations.. cutting and adding hair... coloured with Copics and I was done! :D I made a step card to show them off properly :D First Step card I've made... but I think I will be making MORE of them.. so simple yet so effective! :D

Have a lovely Sunday!!


  1. I think your colouring is amazing Sammi..such a wonderful scene you have created. I have never read any of the series but the second hand book shop where I work had shelves full of them. :-)

  2. I love your coloring. Don't think I'll ever be that good. I love how you put your little people in scenes.

  3. This is fantastic Sammi, although I have to say I haven't come across the books, its a new title to me, might just have to check them out now! Hope all is well with you. xx

  4. I too read and loved the books, but didnt have as many as you! Mum and dad still have our collection and my little sister had the baby Sitters younger sister collection.
    Starting from the left I would say Kristy, Stacey, Claudia, Mary-Anne, and would the last one be Dawn? I am not sure. That is my guess. beautiful card Sammi and awesome colouring!
    Alicia xx

  5. GREATEST PROJECT EVER! I not only loved the Babysitter's Club when I was a kid, but I still love it now! Only a few years ago, I tracked down all the Super Specials that I didn't have on eBay and bought themall. I teach, and when one of the students donated a bunch of BSC, I started taking them out to read them all over again. I used to go to the library and check out the whole section.

    I know Alicia already guessed who the girls were, but I completely agree with her. From left to right:

    Kristy - She's the most tomboy one, and she always wore jeans and a sweatshirt with a cap! Hehe, all she needs is a pencil behind her ear! Random tidbit ... a few years ago during my school's literary day, I chose to be Kristy so that I could wear jeans and a sweatshirt to work instead of our typical business casual wear!

    Stacey - She was one of the most stylish ones and had the blonde hair! You chose such a great outfit for Stacey, very New York.

    Claudia -- The long black hair is a giveaway along with the stylish clothing as well! Add some junk food hidden in a fake book, and she'll be very happy!

    Mary Anne - The sweet looking one with the braids. This would be the early years then before her dad loosened up on her and allowed her to redecorate her room and not always wear those skirts and dresses.

    Dawn - I love how you gave her the lighter blonde, which is indicative that it's her and not Stacey. Plus, she has that natural look about her with the braided hair across the front. Very calm and California! She could have some alfalfa sprouts and be ecstatic.

    ANYWAY, I know I babbled on and on, but your card brought back SO many great memories! I love it so much!

  6. How AWESOME is this!! Love it!

  7. Sammi, this totally ROCKS!!!! I adore everything about it and am in AWE of the altering you did with each miss Anya. I remember the chat about TBSC books that night - TOO FUNNY! My fav was always Claudia b/c I wanted to be an artist just like her. I wish I could remember the other characters, but I just might have to pick up a few of these at the library next time to take a walk down memory lane! :D Brilliant job on this card!

  8. Hi Sammi! This is amazing!!! love your work :) I think Claudia used to be my fave LOL! So let's see here... from the left it looks like we have Kristy, Stacey, Claudia, Mary-Anne, and Dawn! I think it's about time I dragged out that movie again....ahahah

  9. Love what you have done here Sammi!

  10. Love this Sammi...not even going to try and name them though...think I'm a bit old for that series LOL Great idea to put them on a step card :)
    Hugs xx


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