Wednesday, 18 January 2012

a speed video - Colouring Gwen

Heya, Just popping on to share a video I just made of me Copic Colouring "Crushin Gwen" from Some Odd Girl.... just playing with my video and imovie so that I can do MORE Copic Tutorials :D Oh and don't worry I don't colour THAT fast (although its been said I do colour too fast) ... I sped it up to 500% to save time.. showing the fastforward of the colouring process - which I've seen done by others!


  1. That looked great Sammi.... love it...You are amazing!

  2. Oh wow Sammi ... thank you so much for doing this. I hope you don't mind but I have pinched it to give you a plug on my blog. It's scheduled for Friday!

    You rock!

  3. Oh I loved it. Man it makes me want to colour some images. Off I go LOL. Good one.

  4. I LOVE watching videos like this. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Super fast lol! Wonderful video, Gwen is gorgeous, take careX:)

  6. This looks fantastic Sammi! Great colouring and a great video. Loved the music!
    Alicia xx

  7. This was fantastic! I love Copic coloring videos. You did an amazing job -- I LOVE her hair! :) Thanks for sharing!


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