Saturday, 7 January 2012

some sketching

1st rough sketch...

inking her up... I decided to ditch the wings...

and then Copic'ed ... I am reasonably happy with the face and hair... but the body needs a lot more work on proportions and posture!! Anyway.. will try again another day hehe

This morning I tried some sketching again... Here are some rough Instagram shots of my work in progress... I still need to PRACTICE drawing a lot more before I am happy with the end result!!!


  1. She's cute! I'm way to intimidated to try sketching. I don't even sketch much in my art journals. I'm trying to free myself more to do it there b/c it's not meant to be perfect. LOVE the giant copic in her hand!!!

  2. awesome babe. You make me want to do some sketching too. Might have to do some today seeing it is such a horrible day here.

  3. Oh she's cute. Your colouring on her face is really good!

  4. I so love seeing the progressive photos....such wonderful colouring. She is lovely.


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