Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Copics, Copics, Copics

Yes, you might have noticed from yesterday's mosaic that I am now the super excited owner of the full range of Copic Ciaos (whoo hoo!) HUGE thanks to my DH and parents for this :)

I have been having lots of fun trying to get better at colouring with these.... until now I have not had much range of similar shades so it's rather fun! AND now I can get much closer to the
Copic Colour challenge combos... Here is this weeks:

And here is my card:

I'm loving the images from Whiff of Joy that my blogging friend Cheryl sent me! :D

the colours I have used are:
E00, E21, E53, E57, YG95, YR07, YR20, YR23,R11


  1. Wow you lucky girl, I have been wanting to get some too. How are you finding them ? Hope you don't mind me asking but where did your family get them from?
    Sue x

    PS Love the card too honey.

  2. Such pretty, pretty pretties!

    I've just ordered some superfine merino wool tops from WA and I could hardly choose from those amazing colour combinations so I can guess how you feel about your new toy box!

    Thank you for the lovely generous link to my blog, and your kind words on my ongoing migraine saga.


  3. it is Awesome Kelly :D

    Sue! I LOVE them :) Copics are awesome! :) I love the way you can keep colouring on top of the colour already there! :) Having more colours is great too.. more options for shading and different choices!
    Sent you the ebay link!

    Ms B - I know ... too much choice...I keep going back to the ones I've already used... and of course the pinks and purples... but such lovely colours!! :D ooh.. the wool sounds lovely! Can't wait to see pics!!

  4. You are very blessed!! Enjoy the Copics. Lovely card, your coloring is fantastic!!

  5. wow!! I am so jelous!! I only have 5 pens! been speaking to local craft shop to see if they will start to stock them! your card is amazing too!!

  6. Lucky you! I know you'll put them to good use!

  7. Firstly Sammi,your card is stunning!!! Your papers are lovely and your colouring with the copics is fantastic!! And WOW,seeing all your copics I can't wait to get mine,I pre ordered the whole set and should get them by the latest November,have fun with them!!

  8. Ooooooh you lucky thing!!! I can only dream of a full set - although bit by bit I may get there - LOL

  9. wow Sammy you are such lucky Lady what a fabulous present .
    hope all is well with you hugs

  10. Oh my goodness, you luck girl. My daughter Kendall and I would die for all those Copics. We've just discovered them and we're slowly but surely adding to our collection which we hope with grow as large as yours - hahaha. Enjoy!


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