Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Pink Petticoat's Lola Rose and her little sister Lilli

These are the cards that I have made using "Lola rose and her Little Sister Lilli" stamps...

My first ever card using Lola Rose - I just love her - she's so elegant! I stuck with the purple and the yellow colors that were in the paper patterns .. I think it came out ok... (I had to, as I often do - outline her with gel pen, after I'd coloured her in)!

Let me know (honestly) what you think!

This one is for a good friend.. she has been a friend for many years. Over the last 7 years or so we have not really seen each other at all but she is often in my thoughts and prayers and has a special place in my heart as she has been a very encouraging friend and always points me to Jesus Christ... We are in sporadic contact through blogging and facebook ... This card will be a couple of weeks late but I was away during her birthday (not a good excuse really) and would really like to send her something so this is it :)

What do you think ... How many weeks after a birthday can you send a Belated Birthday card?

stay tuned for some cards of Lola Rose's little sister Lilli :)


  1. oo.. Great Colour. Yellow + Purple = Nice!!

    Belated Birthday Greeting... Haha.. Is what I always do. Really feel sorry to them.

  2. These are really cute. You should definitely send the birthday card even if it is late she will just love it.


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