Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Excited by digital downloads

Well - I have been busy ... I have bought some digital downloads and have been sooooo excited. DH has been having a few laughs about my excitement :)

I have always been fairly creative (into Art and lots of crafts), I was a Creative Memories Consultant for a year or two BUT I have not been doing this stamping/ cardmaking blog for long (Jan 12th '08) and am pretty new to the whole craft of stamping (Mar 13th '08 - before that just some random stamps here and there) so I am learning LOTS everyday and enjoying being inspired by many peoples blogs and cards... THANKS everyone!!! I have become somewhat of a challenge junkie :) AND I absolutely adore my sisterhood of the blogging stampers (Group #15)!! check out their blogs with the links on the right.

When wanting to enter some challenges and not having the required stamps I drew my own pictures on the computer and a then a couple more I drew by hand, then photographed and printed them out to colour ... I would really like one day to design my own range ... stamps (or perhaps digital downloads?) so this has been on the back of my mind for a few weeks/ months and then ...

I found Dottie! she is so cute :) Louly has done a FANTASTIC job creating her! she is a very talented and creative lady!!! I have now downloaded Dottie and LOVE her!! I am really enjoying colouring her and making some cards!

I'm ready to colour her

I have also been subscribed to the Pink Petticoat newsletter for some time now and finally (a couple of days ago) downloaded some stamp downloads :: Lola rose and her little sister Lilli
oooh.... I LOVE them too. check out their Designer Liz's blog , she is another very talented lady!

I've started colouring Lilli

These are so inspirational AND did I mention I was excited by them?? ... I will not stop until I have made a card from EVERY one of these downloads I have.... AND meanwhile ... I will keep thinking about my own designs and just maybe one day there will be some :)

QUESTIONS for you ...
1. what do you think about Digital download vs Stamps
2. What sort of stamps would you like that are not available (if any)


  1. Sam I'm thrilled that you're so excited about Dottie, It really means a lot to me. Thank you for yopu kind words, you're a star.
    In answer to your questions about downloads and stamps, I like them both for different reasons. I love downloads because you can resize them and you get a clean crisp image every time. I love stamps because you can print directly onto your projects. At the moment I think I prefer downloads though- no storage or cleaning and you'll have them forever.

  2. I work at the computer most of the day - but I don't do much digital. I love the feel of paper, and of putting rubber to ink. So my preference will always be real stamps. Of course that doesn't mean that I won't dabble in digital occasionally!


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