Friday, 8 February 2013

BFP Friend & Pregnancy musings

Good morning!! I have a POST as Guest Designer over at SOME ODD GIRL today!! :D With ANOTHER video.. showing you how I created those bookmarks on my Silhouette :D

 And for my post today HERE I'm sharing a special card and some feelings too.. ahhhh - LOL!

A good friend of mine is expecting.. YAY! :) I am so thrilled for her as it's been a tough, hard road getting to this point and I know how much she wanted this - which makes it even special-er .. I know this little one is going to be well loved!!!  It's early days... but  I wanted to make her a special card... which I will send LATER - once she actually resembles this image - tee hee, It's called "Icecream and Pickles" from Saturated Canary.


on a personal note.....
Making pregnancy and Baby cards are something I find the hardest... they tug my heartstrings I guess .... It's not that I'm not happy for friends/ people who are expecting... I am -- very happy -- for them!!  and Thankful for the blessing of new life! Pregnancy is a great gift from God :) I guess the hard bit is it's just a big reminder of what we don't / won't have and what we've have lost.

I "think" most women understand having the desire for children /to be nurturers - we are after all designed that way.. and the world and many churches tell us that for married woman our role is to be a Mum so when we are not then things are just not right and can leave us with feelings of inadequacy, failure, sadness and the list goes on... more on that another time...

"BFP" are three initials I would LOVE to scream from the rooftops for myself .... During my IVF attempts journey/ season I learnt MANY new acronymns.... Happily I was able to say BFP (=BIG FAT PREGNANT) once... and PUPO (PREGNANT UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE) 5 times... however none of our little ones survived and I still find the loss of those 6 little lives painful and I wonder "what if" all the time.  I have just ordered a locket in memory of our 6 little ones so I may share that here once I get it :D I know God does not give us more than we can handle and that everything is in his control and so through his strength we continue on and we rest in the knowledge that he is good and has a beautiful plan!

Why am I sharing all this here?? is it Oversharing?? I don't think so... I think Infertility/ Pregnancy loss is too often a taboo topic... not talked about and believe me it's not easy to write this... but I  know that the journey of infertility it can feel very isolating and if this helps just one person then I think it's worth sharing! If you are reading this and need an understanding ear then I am certainly happy to LISTEN.

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  1. Big hugs Sammi! Thank you for writing that. I am always encouraged by how you persevere through those really hard times, and how you keep clinging to God. Thank you for being brave enough to share those thoughts - as with depression, I think it's a topic that needs to be talked about and shared so that people don't feel so alone!

  2. And it's a lovely, lovely card!

  3. What a sweet card my dearest Sammy:) Adorable image:)

  4. Hey Hun, huge hugs to you sweetie! You are the most Amazing Woman I know, strong, brave, thoughtful, caring and soooo many other things and I hope and pray that one day you have all the things your heart desires!

    Your card is just Beautiful and I know your friend will just love it as it has come from someone with the hugest heart!

  5. Gorgeous card Sammi, you made my heart do a few extra beats when I read the title! I know your friend will love this card and I think it's wonderful to share your feelings, it's not over sharing, it's honesty, love and compassion. Xx

  6. Ow Sammi, thank you so much for sharing your story/journey with us all. It is very brave and I agree that if it helps one person it is worth sharing indeed.

    On another note you have created a absolutely gorgeous card for your friend. Love your work xoxo

  7. Gorgeous card Sammi. What a wonderful friend you are. I am so very sorry for your losses and I don't think it's over sharing. We have a few friends who have experienced this type of loss and struggled with IVF. So I think sharing is a good thing.
    Huge hugs

  8. oh sammi this card is just stunning ~i`m sure your friend will love it xx
    thankyou for sharing your thoughts ..god works in strange ways and sometimes leads us on paths we wouldn`t want to walk ..i have two beautiful boys , but both are autistic..everyday is an adventure..guess we all have "what ifs" in our lives..... i think god has other plans for you....
    vanessa xx

  9. Sammi, you show me again how strong a woman you are to share this. It's not the easiest topic to talk about, yet you did with such grace. Hugs to you and G, I pray your journey isn't over yet.

    Gorgeous card too by the way!!

    xx M


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