Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Another Art journal page

Good morning!
On Monday I  showed you some works in progress and one of them was the beginnings of an art journal page which I'm pleased to reveal I finished off yesterday and so am sharing it today :)

The page is - in case you can't tell... kinda about Guy and I ... I'm thankful to have such a wonderful Man by my side facing LIFE's ups and downs together! 

I've been enjoying getting back into some messy art ... although I need to go clean up my workspace/ craft area AGAIN so that I  can keep the mess confined to the one spot! lol! I might do some cleaning up today as I'm HOME ALONE yay!! :) First time since July of waking up to an empty house (MIL is at an old friends house) which is quite a peaceful feeling - although I didn't manage to sleep in and am still tired so the option of cleaning OR sleeping some more is a difficult choice hehe! 


  1. Fantastic page Sammi, so heart felt. Enjoy you ME time you deserve it xx

  2. oh my gosh...sammi this is so cute!! I love the drawing of you two! such a fab page... great colours and your dress is spunky ;)


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