Tuesday, 31 August 2010

some Paperific photos

a before and after shot of our stand!!Looks pretty big huh!

waiting for the customers...

It was so lovely to meet and work with the gorgeous Tracey Feeger ...this (below) is a piccy of the two of us in the stall - do we look tired?? It's at the end of Manic Friday!! thanks for all your work and for EVERYTHING Trace! It was so awesome to meet Tracey after blogging and MSN chats! I felt like I knew her really well already but real life certainly is the best right! :D She's a total sweetie!

This is me walking to the Tram on Saturday morning!

On Saturday the wonderful Annette and Rosanna came to help out! They were such a pleasure to meet and have helping out! THANKS so much to you both! good thing we like purple... makes for a matching photograph really!! lol! Annette is my purple buddy .. we both love it! Has been awesome having Annette on my team this year and look forward to chatting more and catching up again soon! Looking forward to seeing more of Rosanna's great crafting too!

The Beautiful Emma came on Sunday and I was so thrilled to finally meet her! Although we'd chatted on skype + webcam it was great to be in the same spot and not have my computer cut in and out hehe. THANKS Em - it was awesome to catch up and have you there and look forward to catching up again for a chatting session soon!!

not only did I meet those wonderful girls on my DT... I also met other awesome people from blogland.... Jasmine from the Lollipop ladies DT came up and said Hi - YAY! And she was with Mel! It was fun to meet these two as I have really been drooling over their gorgeous scrapbook layouts recently and wish I could scrap like that! hehe THANKS for coming to say HI :D maybe they will even inspire me to Scrap again!!

Mandi popped in a few times as she was teaching people how to colour with Copics each day and doing a fabulous job by the sounds of it! Everyone came around saying how helpful the classes were! It was awesome to meet Mandi who used to be on the Mad for Markers DT but then became one of Australia's Regional Instructors for Copic Australia. I also got to meet Jacqui from Copic Australia briefly on the Sunday .. thanks for coming to say Hi! I'm Sorry I was too busy to really chat or get a photo!!

And a BIG HIGHLIGHT of the show was meeting Debbie P! YAY! This gorgeous lady and I were on Marcia's Stamp Spot DT together and I was thrilled to meet her IRL ... I have loved getting to know her over DT teams.. TSS and Spesch Stamps...and also through emails.. she has been a great support to me with encouraging words in tough times this past YEAR! so it was very special to meet her! Here's a pic I stole off her facebook as mine came out blurry!

so that's it! A Full on weekend of setting up the stall.. running it and meeting lots of wonderful people.. bloggers, facebookers and customers! Here is a pic of me whilst we were packing up....

Now I am home and pretty tired out... feeling a bit sick and not sure if I picked up a bug or am just run down... time will tell.. anyway - so glad I went and so thankful to my sister Nic who came and helped out.. .despite the fact she's running off to Paris again in a couple of days... THANKS LOVELY I really could not have done it without you!!!

I am hoping to catch up on what everyone is blogland has been up to over the next couple of days...


  1. Sounds like a fantastic time...thanks for sharing the photos and the stories.

  2. Sounds awesome - and again, I'm so proud of you and how hard you've worked. Love ya xxxx

  3. It really was awesome and great photos. You certainly have a lot more than I took LOL. And I felt the same - felt like I knew you so well already but meeting you and working with you made it even more real.

  4. Sounds like you had a whole lot of fun! .... meeting fellow stampers..... awesome.

  5. Fabulous pics Sammi - thanks for sharing them and a bit about the show - lucky you getting to meet so many wonderful gals - must have been a blast. Hope you feel better soon xx

  6. Wow, what a busy but fun weekend you had! I loved reading and seeing all your photos!

  7. Glad you had a great time! So nice pictures. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. How on Earth did you get any work done will all those visitors - LOL. Just glad I was one of them - you have been a delight to get to know and are such a sweetie IRL!

  9. Looks lovely Sammi! Can see you had a terrific time!
    Hugs Kristel

  10. Hey Sammi, you were a busy girl over the weeekend. It was so FAB to meet you. It was such a surprise as I didnt know you were going to be there. I am sure you are a very tired gal by now.

  11. Fantastic Post Sammi lots of great photos and wonderful memories!! We loved our day with you and Nicki! What a jet setter she is off to Paris (have a fab time, not green at all lol!) Hope you don't get sick and it is just being tired from the show and travelling, take careX:)

  12. Oh wow ... full on. Super you got to meet so many people in the flesh! Slightly envious over here in Perth!! Thank you so much for everything you did for me and The Stamp Spot over the weekend Sammi - truly grateful!

    :) Marcia


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