Saturday, 21 August 2010

Oh Alice...CHAPTER 27 :: Prizes for Dodo ...

"This question the Dodo could not answer without a great deal of thought, and it sat for a long time with one finger pressed upon its forehead (the position in which you usually see Shakespeare, in the pictures of him), while the rest waited in silence. At last the Dodo said, `EVERYBODY has won, and all must have prizes.'

`But who is to give the prizes?' quite a chorus of voices asked.

`Why, SHE, of course,' said the Dodo, pointing to Alice with one finger; and the whole party at once crowded round her, calling out in a confused way, `Prizes! Prizes!'

Alice had no idea what to do, and in despair she put her hand in her pocket, and pulled out a box of comfits, (luckily the salt water had not got into it), and handed them round as prizes. There was exactly one a-piece all round. `But she must have a prize herself, you know,' said the Mouse.

`Of course,' the Dodo replied very gravely. `What else have you got in your pocket?' he went on, turning to Alice..."

Hello all!

We are so excited about today's inspiration piece, which just so happens to feature Alice and the lovable Dodo she encounters along her adventures in Wonderland. We'll even spare Dodo the croquet game today...less headache! ;)

The Mad Hatter herself is VERY fond of Tarina Tarantino jewelry and is lucky enough to own a VERY fun ring that she scored while in Disneyworld last time. Check out the fabulous Queen Alice ring HERE.

For today's challenge, we are all gaga over this beautiful piece:

Your mission today is to create SPARKLY FABULOUSNESS (yes, include some BLING, please!) as inspired by the above photo.

There are some very blingtastic samples from the DT over at Oh, Alice!

I coloured up this gorgeous sweet pea image that I stamped at CA the other night (THANKS Mel) and well... dragons are hoarders of treasure/ prizes/ bling right?? I added some pretty sparkles that were given to my by my friend T (she has been quite unwell recently - so if you are the praying type please remember her in your prayers!)

I'm off to finish packing boxes of stuff to ship to Melbourne on Monday! boy it's a bigger job than I thought! LOL! Hope you are all having a good weekend!


  1. A really wonderfull card Sammi! The neckless is indeed very lovely!
    Hugs Kristel

  2. Oh this is gorgeous darling. I love the dragons from Sweet Pea and you have done a fab colouring job with it.

  3. Oh Sammi this is so adorable! How cute is this little dragon! Fabulous papers and embellishing
    love tasha xx

  4. Such a charming image, perfect with that sentiment, and all the colors from the inspiration piece! Love that Asian writing in the background, after all there are Asian backgrounds as well as the more typical Welsh style, eh? Great card, I really love it!

  5. Love your Dragon Sammi, he is just adorable! And your bow is just perfect! I can never seem to get my bows to sit so neatly! Suc a sweet card!

  6. Wow, I really love what you did with this Dragon too! The coloring is outstanding! and the paper and bow are perfect! Another beautiful card, Sammi :)
    hugs, margie

  7. What a sweet image. I love that calligraphy DP you used.

  8. Hehehe, that little dragon is just so sweet! Love how you paired this image with that Chinese (?) text paper!! Great card!

  9. such a cutie, love it. xx

  10. Absolutely adorable! Love that you used all the same colors from the pendant piece in your image. That dragon is just too cute!

  11. sweet image Sammi, love the coloring.


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