Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Stamping out Alzheimers

Have you checked out the Stampin out Alzheimers link at the side of my blog??


Anything that can be done here is worthwhile... Alzheimers is such a horrible disease... I watched it eat away at both my grandfathers (so sad!!) I wish that no one had to go through such a horrid ordeal ... praying they find a cure soon!

I created this cupcake for a challenge on the Stampin out Alzheimers site!

the cupcake is a template from Kelleigh and she has more templates at her store - Digichick
How fun!! :)

Thanks for looking... now I seem to be having troubles with:
1. blogger - keeps quitting/ not letting me leave comments! sporadically it does let me!
2. My wireless connection is dropping in and out all over the place... ahhhhhh!!!


  1. That is SO cute!!! I haven't had a chance to check out the SOA gallery yet, and now I just KNOW I'm missing out. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. It's so super cute Sammi!! I;'m working on one now!!

  3. Sammi, I LOVE the little paper cupcake. Lately I seem to have cupcakes imprinted on my brain which is a very strange thing to discover at 56 when you'd tagged yourself as a lifelong serious academic. Amazing what secrets retirement will reveal! Actually dreaming about cupcakes last night. Knitting them into squares to make laprugs. Woke quite weary.
    Have you seen this cupcake blog?http://www.allthingscupcake.com/ I can't believe just how many versions there are.
    Enjoying your blog on RSS feed on Google Reader.

  4. Love the cupcake Sammi, will definately go check out the site. I have been having the exact same problem with blogger, thought it was just me, really annoying especially when I have tried uploading a pic about 4 or 5 times before it finally works! Technology huh?! lol

  5. Such a cute cupcake,I love it!!! I had blogger issues for about 2 days,it is now fixed....hopefully your problem will be fixed soon.

  6. Nice cupcake, Sammi! I need to go check out Digichick! I have been have problem with blogger as well, since last week. I still have it every now and then. I keep getting that "operation aborted" message. arrggg...

  7. Love your yummy cupcake!! The papers are so pretty.

  8. Well done for supporting such a worthy cause. I do think that everyone thinks that sufferers immediately lose all cognitive memeory which is not true. My Mum is in a remission right now through medication but she knows what it is happening and at times is very scared and distressed, it breaks my heart to watch.
    This is a fabulous cupcake, very pretty and beautifully done :D

  9. Hi Sammi, love this cupcake hun. think i may have to invest in this template. Beautifully done.

    Hope your blogger and W Connection gets better soon. nothing more frustrating that this at times.

    Luv n Hugs


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