Saturday, 30 May 2009

Magnolia Down Under - Under the Sea

Well It seems I am too late for the Magnolia down Under Challenge... as it s supposed to be in by midday Sat - It's now 1.10pm.. oops!!

The challenge was " under the sea"!

Well - I thought I would show you my card anyway.... I did not have any appropriate "sea" Magnolia stamps.. So I thought I would turn this pretty Tilda into a mermaid!

I've been feeling very UNMOTIVATED.... work has been busy and I just don't really feel like crafting (I think my Mojo ran off somewhere anyway)! But I received my Bizzy Becs stamps
this week and I love them!!! so....

come back later and I "just might" have some cards to show!


  1. Ooo Sammi I love how you have turned Tilda into a mermaid she looks perfect. Have fun creating coz for someone whose mojo has gone that card is awesome. xx

  2. WOW, Sammi.. Turning Tilda into a mermaid is a Fantasic Idea... I love it.. The Bizzy Becs stamps are looking amazing also. I can't wait to see your cards... Bec xxx

  3. Fantastic Sammi!!! I love your idea of making Tilda a mermaid,a very creative card!

  4. Brilliant idea to turn Tilda into a mermaid Sammi, I love the card you've made.

    Mojos seem to be wandering off all over the place lately but I'd say yours is back.



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