Saturday, 9 August 2008

Thank you

Well... I have nothing of mine to share just now.. I have been working on some things but will show you those later!!

Meanwhile, I will show you this card that Nicky sent to me ... very cute isn't it!! Nicky also sent DH some Awesome cards for his b'day on Wednesday - go check them out on her blog!!

If you have not yet answered my questions HERE please could you do it now? Thanks!!

some rambling:
I need to tidy my craft room - it's really stopping me wanting to craft, I keep tidying it but those gremlins must sneak in and mess it up again!! mmmm.... I need to make some birthday cards desperately... I just don't seem to have my Mojo!
Tonight I have to go to a Women's (Wrestle) prayer night for my church, we'll be hearing from some girls who went o/s - one to Fiji and one to Africa - should be quite interesting! Usually I help organise these Wrestle nights but I was given a night off from this one.... I'll be back after that sometime to finish catching up on your blogs!!! :)

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  1. Awww Sammi *hugs* I hope you and your mojo get back together again soon.

    What is a women's wrestle prayer night? Does o/s mean overseas?


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