Saturday, 30 August 2008

Oh-oh ... I found my Local Scrapbook Store

Big thanks to JHet who mentioned she went to a scrapbook store on Forest Rd... I found it...

All About Scrapbooks
is just up the road from our place! Whoo!!

We went to check it out today (I needed to get some more adhesive and foam mounts ... Does anyone else just fly through adhesive??)

Oooh... It's a wonderful place...lovely blooms and ribbons and paper.....and everything a mad paper crafter could want!! I was pretty restrained but did pick up a couple of bargains... I'll be going back again though :) LOL!!

Here's a look at what I got :)


  1. oooh lovely!
    beautiful ribbon!
    I am off to a demo at our newest craft store with Emma this morning....

  2. oh cool!
    if i happen to visit my aunty/uncle and cousins anytime soon, hopefully ill be able to con my parents into dropping in :)
    im pretty sure there's a soccer store along there somewhere(soccer city) so my brother can be occupied too lol.

  3. Looks like you had fun!! I can not wait to see what you do with your new treasures.

  4. hehe!! I can hear your purse creaking from here!! ;o)

    I will be in the same situation if.. WHEN.. I start my new job.. It is only a couple of doors away from a fab craft shop.. Centre Crafts in Huntingdon! It's mainly for cross-stichers and quilters, but they have some wonderful ribbons and beads, etc, and last time I was in there, they were building their card supplies, too.

    Can't wait! :o)

    Chris xx

  5. Ooh yummy scrummy stash! Fancy you not knowing the shop was there and it's just up the road! Mind you I bet just up the road in Aus is a bit different to just up the road in Yorkshire right?

  6. Can't imagine just up the road for you... my nearest craft store takes someone 20 - 40 mins to drive for ME! Bet your well pleased to find it! HuGs Kim x

  7. Just up the road?? What a lucky gal...I live out in the country, so anything is about 40 minutes or so for me:-) looks like you got some great buys!

  8. Ooh, that looks so yummy Sammi! I fly through adhesive too!
    Love Becky xx

  9. Mmm... just down the road , literally is just down the road (well around a couple of corners... 5 minutes in the car!) It's hard to see unless you know where you are going though (that is my excuse - and we don't drive that way often!) lol


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