Saturday, 23 August 2008

a crafty morning

I invited some girls over for a cardmaking morning.... there were 5 of us in total (including my friend Therese who has just started a crafty blog! yay!)

I only got 3.5 cards made though (I think one of the girls made 15!!) ... here are my efforts!! :)

Below is my 1/2 a card.... I have the background/ base - I just need to put more on it!! I think I'll put one of my fairies on it!! I used the stamps Emma sent me!! Aren't they gorgeous!! I love them!!! :)

I'm going back to my craft room for a bit now because:
1. I'm inspired
2. It's all orderly and tidy (which makes it a joy to craft)
3. I have some projects I MUST complete this weekend!!

Thanks for looking. Happy crafting!


  1. your sure have been busy.....
    they are lovely!
    i love french Tilda!

    much love xx

  2. Thanks for plugging my blog Sam. I feel very amateurish compared to your works of art, but I had a great time with you and your friends. They were great fun - IT was great fun. Card making does not seem so intimidating anymore...
    Off to buy some ribbon tomorrow. Love ya xo

  3. Hope you all had a great day Sammi! Brill cards!
    Love Becky xx

  4. how nice to spend time crafting with friends , love your cards Tilda is so cute , i love the pattern paper you made with the stamps

    JOANA XX( ups sorry hit the caps there for a second )

  5. These are lovely! Those stamps are gorge! Great background! Bet you had a fab morning! Becky and I have had a crafting day today and it is so much fun getting together and crafting! xx

  6. Great cards Sammi - your French tilda is tres bon lol!


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