Sunday, 6 July 2008

Winner of the candy *edited*

Thanks to those who entered my competition :) I just asked my hubby to pull a name out of the box for me....and he pulled out .... drumroll ......
Congratulations! could you email me your address??

Thanks for your name suggestions.... I'd like to introduce you to:
Bethany Rose

& Kylie

Ria - Thanks for your suggestion of Bethany!!
My mum suggested Rosie and so I decided I would combine the two!!

Jac - I think Kylie quite suits this first Gumnut girly! :) Not such a bad suggestion after all!!
(Jac/ Ria - please email me your address so that I can send you a thank-you prize)

Emma - I have just the Gumnut girly for the name Isabelle! stay tuned!!!

They are not quite as clear as I'd like - I'm just waiting for September when I will get a Graphics template :)

*These downloads can now be purchased at
If you already downloaded them - please let me know when you use them :)*


  1. oh thank you very much! I am chuffed to bits!
    am off to email you my address!


  2. You have made one 11 year girly very happy, thank you very much especially from Ria
    Love Jac x

  3. Many thank for the inspiration I gain from your blog, I have an award for youon my blog.
    Thank you

  4. That is so NOT fair!!! Tina is coming round for a coffee this morning so may have to beat her for winning!! LOL!
    Seriously its a beautiful name and she is lovely. Big hugs to you Sammie, Em,x


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