Friday, 4 July 2008

Dottie's World :: Customer Thursday

Wowowowowowowow! Guess what? .......

Juliet picked me for Customer Thursday on Dottie's Wonderful World. I am so stoked!! It really made my day :)
Now I'd like to share with you some Dottie cards I made tonight

Tomorrow I am going to a kitchen tea so I made this card - who else to use but Cooking Dottie?!
Our printer ink is running out - I think I've been using it too much? so I had to outline Dottie so she stood out :) I have not outlined the ones below tho.... I'm not sure If I'll leave them or if I should outline them still as they are quite faint!

Dottie Skating is my favourite image at the moment.... Oh - did you notice that Dottie had dyed her hair brown for the winter??

A couple of close ups!

Dottie downloads - from Charmed Cards and Crafts
water colour pencils
coloured cardstock
patterned paper


  1. Congratulations hun!I couldn't have chosen better myself. These cards are all brilliant. I don't think you need to go over the outline, I quite like the muted effect. I like Dottie's new hair colour, every girl needs a change once in a while don't they.I tried to pick a favourite out of the three but I really can't. I love the sloping layer of the third one, the stitching on the second and the originality of the first. you rock Sammi!

  2. Congratulations on being selected for Customer Thursday! Great choice!

    I absolutely love these cards - especially skating Dottie! Well done! Keep up the great work!
    Hugs Ruth x

  3. congratulations Hun, very deserving, I love your cards and these ones are no exception but I really love the shape of the first one. Hope you enjoyed the kitchen tea (not that I know exactly what one is! but hope you enjoyed it and I'm sure the recipient loved it too.)

  4. Great cards Sammi. I really love the iceskating one, the colours are gorgeous.

  5. Fab cards Sammi. I made a card using the Cooking Dottie for a mate at work who loves cooking.
    Haven't got the Xmas download yet!
    Sam x

  6. Fabulous cards yet again Sammi. I love the Ice Skating Dottie, but my fave has to the the teacup card.
    Congrats on being Customer Thursday!!! xxx

  7. Well done Sammi! Your cards are fabulous! I love your drawings too!
    Love Becky xx

  8. Gorgeous cards Sammi. Love the colouring of the ice-skating Dottie and love your tea cup idea. No wonder your design was chosen. Go for it girl! I must download some of these myself to have a play now I have some spare time on my hands!


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