Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Tegan's blog challenge

This card was made for Tegan's blog challenge
It is a colour challenge - using red, orange and pink.

I also added in some black and white pen doodling!

It's not really my usual style and not sure if I like it yet ...but I thought I'd submit it anyway :)


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  2. You're not sure if you like it?!? It's gorgeous!!
    Thanks for participating this time round!

    Btw..I got your images/cards today and OMG!!! I LOVE THEM ALL!!! I soooo can't wait to have a play around and post them all up on my blog :D


  3. it's stunning!
    well done. i am not good at trying new stuff outwith my comfort zone.

  4. Me again..I know I said that I would get the photos up of your cards today...but I mean they were just so gorgeous that I time just got away from me whilst I was drooling over them haha-and creating some of my own.
    Tomorrow (or Friday) I promise I will have a MASSIVE rave up on my blog for you by the weekend :)


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