Monday, 7 July 2008

Nichola's work

My sister Nichola has updated her website to include some jewelery she is selling... She has some GREAT paintings on there too... If you like art and/or jewelery go and have a look :)


  1. Wow they are fantastic! Will go and have a nose now!

  2. they are so pretty! your sister is very clever! must run in the family!

  3. Great stuff by your sister, but I have just seen what you sent Lou and that card is amazing you are certainly very talented, it obviously runs in the family! wish I could draw half as well as that. Jac x

  4. Now, see - if I'd had the good manners to pop over right away and thank you for leaving a supportive message on my 'anti-Word Verification' post on my blog, I would not have missed the opportunity to enter your blog candy draw!! (sigh) ;o)

    Anyway, loving your blog. You write well. And thank you for your supportive comment! :D

    God bless..

    Heather xx


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