Saturday, 12 July 2008

Happy Birthday Karen

Yesterday it was one of our friend's Birthdays!! Karen works with Guy and has just started coming to our church in the last couple of months... It's great - She's lovely and I'm looking forward to getting to know her better!! I made her this card and Guy took it to work!

I made this card during the week!! I went through various phases and then I stopped and started afresh - I wanted to stick some wool on but was having difficulties... originally I had Dottie sitting on a knitted square but it was way too bulky... then I was gluing wool as a border around the image - way too messy - in the process I wrecked the image and had to colour in a new one... poor Dottie!!

Do you have any tips for sticking wool on cards???


  1. hello.. i have never tried to add wool to cards but i worked yesterday with hemp that was kind of tricky and a Glue Dot worked for me.

    fabulous card thanks for sharing

  2. thats really pretty!

    I love her tights! lol

    have never tried wool on a card.

    love tina xx

  3. super cute card Sammie! and seriously, don't stress about the swap-ive still got images from past swaps I am still working through!!

    hmm wool--i don't know whether this is what you mean, but if you tie a lose know in a piece of wool, you could attach it by placing a brad through the middle of it, fastening the brad and then tightening the knot..??

  4. That is soooo cute!!! Hmmmm, you need to stick wool on a card, huh??? How about Crystal Effects??

  5. Well it was well worth all the effort, it's really fab! When I used real yarn for wool on mine I cut out a little piece of card just a bit smaller than the wool on the image then wrapped the yarn around it in different directions before glueing it to the image.xx


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