Wednesday, 2 July 2014

BIJ2 : This month at a glance

Bec's BIJ prompt for today is "this month at a glance"

I'm trying to use the calendar on my phone more.. I am still a pen and paper diary kinda girl... but this month I'm trying to get it all in my "calendar" app and see how I go.

I will be.....
  • working!
  • celebrating my older younger sisters b'day .. (from a distance) :D
  • cleaning up my mess (Oh yeah, last weeks rush to get ready for the market means our place looks like it's been hit by a few bombs around the place.. study, kitchen, lounge).
  • sorting out my tax :o
  • having dinner with Mum and Dad in Sydney :)
  • helping friends!
  • getting ready for SMASH where I will be selling markers next month.
  • getting ready for Guy's 40th next month!

What does your month look like at a glance??

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