Friday, 4 July 2014

Three Life Tips

Bec's BLOGS in July topic today is three life tips... 
Mmm I'm not exceptionally qualified for this... but here's my

1. Work Hard - be it .. at a paid job or something like mowing the lawn, doing some exercise... sometimes we really don't feel like the case of exercise... this is usually when we need to do it the most :D

(today was a great day for mowing the lawns and doing some washing .. Izzi wanted to help... but somehow managed to get  pegged on the line herself)

2. Play Hard - Life can't all be about work... we all need a bit of time out. What do you find fun, enjoyable.. make sure you make time for these things :) For me... it's spending time with friends, playing games and also creating, colouring in. For Izzi it's things like sliding down the bannisters (tee hee).

3. Rest well - whilst rest could be linked to play.. it's a bit different in my opinion... we all need a certain amount of sleep each day... we can't just work and play.. we need to rest as well! :) Some of us need more than others! Get to know what your limits are and listen to your body! If like me you are someone who needs a bit more rest... Don't overdo things!

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