Sunday, 6 January 2013


Good afternoon!! I've been having a bit of fun with Mermaids..  tee hee!! When I was looking at new apps to download on the ipad I saw this Mermaid game and downloaded it just for lols... and then my OCDness kicked in and I wanted to get all the different mermaids! Haha... It's a bit of a time waster... but sometimes they are good.. something to zone out to that does not need any brain! 

Anyway I guess it inspired me to go off and draw some Mermaids.. I did a couple on A5 paper and then I decided to go with a little series of ATCs .. so I sketched them up....

Inked them...

and coloured them with my COPICS a Molotow White pen and a number of Multiliners!!

There were 2 more ... but as I reached for a new marker I knocked over a glass of water ... Disaster... as sitting there were not only my ATCs .. coloured and ones waiting to get coloured BUT also my Imac, Ipad, Iphone and case of Copic markers. :( :(



  1. They're gorgeous mermaids! Shame about the water...what a pain. But the ones you saved are great - especially love the pink and purple.

    (what's an ATC?)

  2. Oh they are lovely Sammi, I too read your post about spilling water on some, so glad it didn't get to all of them. x x


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