Saturday, 26 January 2013

Happy Australia Day!!

Hi Everyone...  HAPPY Australia Day!!! Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!!! Oi Oi Oi. What's Australia day you ask?? well today - 26 Jan commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney cove in 1788.... so basically we are celebrating our criminal past! tee hee... not exactly ... It's become a day of celebration (A PUBLIC HOLIDAY :) with lots community activities... there are always Citizenship ceremonies all over ... I guess it's a day to be thankful for this great country we live in!!! :)

So I'm a bit later today than I have been... I wanted to make something for Australia Day ... and had not done so yet.... I thought I'd colour up some of my Gumnuts in ... I printed them lightly so I could have the almost no lines effect... It was a bit darker then I thought but that made it easier for me to colour lol!

The rest of my page (in my BLACK SMASH book) is using cut-outs from our local newspaper :) CM stickers and Nikki Sivils lettering stickers.... the Splotchy stamp set form TGF and the "Beut" stamp is the end of "Christmas time is Beut" from Kellie's "Give-a-Girl-a" stamps I shoulda got her Australia day ones as they would have been perfect for this, lol.. maybe for next year! :D I think I might try and make Saturday my Smashing day!!! We'll see how that goes!!! :D 

Well fellow Aussies... I hope you're having a great day off! Enjoy those days OFF ... and overseas friends -  have a lovely weekend!!! xxxx


  1. Love the page Sammi really must try this no lines stamping/colouring haven't been brave enough yet! Hope you had a great day celebrating xx

  2. Oooh Smashing Saturdays sounds great! Maybe I should do this as well...although i probably wont...haha!

    Love this page Sam, it looks Awesome, such a great way to celbrate Australia Day. Hope you and Guy had a great day!

  3. Love this SMASH page huni! Hope you had a fab Australia day! I have a new SMASH/scrapbook blog if you want to take a look. Will try and pop by a bit more often, my resolution to do more blogging :)
    Arline xx

  4. Magnificient creation my dearest friend^_^ Fantastic details^_^
    Big hug,


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