Thursday, 17 January 2013

Greyscale Mae with a pop of Pink

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I have been CRAFTING again FINALLY just lately... before then I was colouring and stopping! lol! So anyways... here is  something I've made.. I was fired up by the NEW SOG Forum and so had to play along in their challenges there... this one is Greyscale with a pop of colour from their colours... I chose PINK (well purple was not an option lol).

I thought that as it was Greyscale I might use a Grey ink.. so I stamped up Sweet Thinking Mae in "London Fog" ....


I do like Greyscale... but it shows up my mistakes more too... and makes me even more critical of my colouring lol! Oh well.... I popped her on a card and into the forum gallery anyways :) I quite like having the lighter grey for the outline rather than BLACK... so methinks I will be using that colour ink again! It's been sitting in my stash since the last time I was at Paperific I think.. or maybe it was actually from the 1st one I went to Oh well!

If you have not checked out the Some Odd Girl Forum yet then hop on over and if you like you can even mention I sent you... I think there's  a post there somewhere you can do that on! lol! Anyways.. Have a good arvo, night, morning whereever you are... I'm off to colour a Red dress and swelter a little more... It's rather HOT here and having the aircon on creates dramas so this option is today's choice! 



  1. Girl I didn't know this was your card, I seen it on the SOG forum today and I loved it. Fabulous love the colors and your coloring

  2. It is wonderful Sammi. I love pink!


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